How do I get him to come clean?

This is from a whole bunch of text messages and I would like to know what is going through his mind. Right about now. So boys can you help me. My friend says, "he sure is flirting with me! "

He sent a random text saying.

Text #1 (him): your butt stinks

Text #2 (me): what the f**k was that for?

Text #3 (him): I'm just messing with ya

Text #4 (me): your just smelling your upper lip, lmao

Text #5 (him): ur farts smell like a**

Text #6 (me): at least my farts come from my butt and not my mouth, like yours

Text #7 (him): ur butt hole is green and a little white

Text#8 (me): ur butt hole is green and white like a spearmint so it smells good

So guys do you know what is going through his mind at all? Please help me bring his thoughts out about me. He knows I sort of like him. Do you know how to get him to ask me out? I think he likes me. Is this true? I will more than likely be back for updates!


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  • He's blatantly trying to get your attention. It may be for a good thing, but it may not. If it's via text message he might just be screwing around with you and showing off for his friends. Try making sure he's alone next time, or even better, hang out with him and see how he acts then. If you do that then you might get a better idea of how he feels.

    • Ok thanks

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    • That's a tough one, sometimes you can't get him to stop, not until something happens between you either good or bad. Him "ditching" you though, might be his way of trying to make you chase him instead of him going after you.

    • Well I do chase him, and he runs in between the bookshelves, and he doesn't even call me that he is out of the library. I think I am just going to give up. I tried to hard. I am going to go after someone else. Heh, if he comes after me to bad he had his chance and he blew it. I mean honestly I like straight forward guys. I don't really like the shy ones. So yeah thanks for your help though.

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