Thoughts on dating shorter men / tall women?

I've met a very beautiful girl , she's funny and sweet and seems to also like me the way I like her. The problem is I'm 1,76m long and she's I think about 1,80m. I won't let her know or think but it secretly makes me a bit insecure , Off course I will still date her and try to make it work regardless of that but im affraid she will feel a bit ashamed or something in front of her friends. I've been with several other girls before but never been so nervous and self concious bout myself.

But anyways I was wondering about y'all take on this.

Sorry for the broken English.


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  • Nah, I bet she will date you. That is not that short, 4 cm is not a lot to worry about.


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  • Give it a try, if she rejects you cause of your height then move on. She's clearly not worth your time.

    • Yes had that same idea

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  • Depends on the girl, but I've been in that situation before. If you can't handle it then you can't handle it. I can. Doesn't bother me.


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