If your boyfriend stayed out with another girl you didn't like and some friends past 1am would you get really mad at him?

Just as my title states. Would you get mad at him and also what could the guy do to fix this?


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  • I don't know if I would be mad but if it was a girl I didn't like then I probably wouldn't be happy about it. I'm not a controlling person and I don't care if my boyfriend hangs out with his friends but I still expect the person I'm in a relationship with to respect me and my feelings.

    What can the guy do to fix it? Well, he could talk to her about it and figure out exactly how she feels. Communication is so important in relationships. Him and his girlfriend should have a mature discussion about it and try to sort out the issue.

    • ok, if she is not talking should i give it time? maybe a day? She is mad

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    • yuup thanks

    • No problem. I hope everything works out for you.

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  • I'd be a little mad if he didn't tell me because I'd be worried about where he was, but no, I wouldn't get mad just because it' with a girl I don't like. Not my business who his friends are.

  • My boyfriend wouldn't talk to a bitch i didn't like. so.-.
    You can fix it by not going out with a girl your girlfriend doesn't like? duh

    • it was like a last minute type thing. i messed up and now she is not talking to me

    • Give her space. My boyfriend would be single real quick if he ever did that to me though.

    • :( ok I feel bad now, i don't want to lose her cause of my stupidy you know. :(

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