Two friends with "more than just friends" feelings for each other, but live half a world apart... have you been in a similar situation? What do I do?

We've known one another for 3 1/2 years, communicating through pictures, emails, video chat, phone calls, instant messaging, etc. We've tried planning to get together, but the timing has always been bad due to certain aspects of each of our lifestyles (I don't have a car or much income for travelling, his business trips to the country where I live are always brief). I'm starting my master's degree in a field that would give me a lot of mobility for work, and his career field has the same benefit. We're keeping an open mind about the future and possibly pursuing a relationship one day if feelings are still there when we see each other in person, but it's still hard being so far from the only guy who's ever really made me feel important and cared about. I'm not sure what to do in terms of dating guys near me (so far none of it has gone anywhere and none have been nice to me or stuck around for long) when I already have feelings for this guy...

Has anyone been in a situation like this? How did you get through it? Should I just not pursue dating during school, then see what happens after? Should I keep trying to date other guys to pass the time (even though that's not fair to them since I haven't learned how to deal with the feelings I have invested in this guy)?


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  • If your sure about your feelings for the guy you should get the oppertunity
    ( not English sorry for that ) To meet each other if you have a connection for 3 and a half year thats not nothing
    You said timing is bad , livestyle , work?
    You should see that as a test How much you will try and do for the guy

    Goodluck !!

    • I may be getting a part time job to save for travel expenses and possibly plan a trip sometime early-mid next year. I've already tried making plans to go see him back in December when he was supposed to be in Chicago but he ended up not going because there was a family emergency. This past June he came a few hours away from me for a friend's wedding, but it was a month before I was able to be there because I had a very busy summer. He was only there for a day anyway so it might not have worked out.

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  • Most long distance relationships are doomed to fail. However, if you really want to give it a try, go for it.

    • We aren't pursuing a relationship now. We've both agreed that long distance is difficult, but the feelings are there. That's what I'm trying to deal with.

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