Girls, do you notice when your boyfriend checks out other women? Would you feel very special if he never did?

You know how guys usually can't help to check out some other women right?

So my question is, that if you are dating someone would it be a big deal for you (positive wise) that he never glances, stares, lusts other women around you?

That he shows that he only has eyess for you?

Does that make you feel extra special and lucky? Or its no big deal that sometimes inevitably he checks out, very subtly of course like a normal guy


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What Girls Said 2

  • If your girls is a jealous type, I recommend you not to check other girls out

  • Well it would be nice if my boyfriend only saw me like duh that's obvious but it's not really a big deal.. Actually for me it kinda is like I'm just with him and he looks at other girls and I Ki da feel a bit like shit tbh but it's not like he can help it. And neither can I. I do check out guys that walk by but that doesn't mean I like them or anything and that's the same with him.. I guess it would be nice if he didn't look at other girls? I don't know


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