Should I have a relationship with a friend of my exes who flirts with me?

i broke up with my ex about a moth ago, i still have feelings for her and think we could get back together at some point, her friend flirts with me and flirted with me behind my exe's back before we broke up, my exe's friend has an hourglass figure but is not skinny, she has large boobs and ass, a cute face and constantley flirts with me to the point where my ex asked wether we were together, to be honest my ex isn't fit but is quite cute, but her friend is so hot and i don't think i can last much longer against her advances, should i have a relationship with my exes friend (any relationship, sexual, emotional etc) or try and get back together with my ex?
  • get together with exes friend
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  • try to get back together with ex
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  • Avoid both of them.


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  • You may want to see if it's ok with your ex before doing that and her friend may not be a friend after that, so I think it's more her friend that would have to ask since your already broken up, your young anyway so your going to go through a lot of relationships in life


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  • i vote option c. 3 way =)

  • Dude, you still like your ex and you still believe you can wound up together someday. I think that answers your question. Have an honest conversation with your ex and try to get back together with her. If she blatantly says no, then rebound with that hot looking girl that comes on to you. But first talk to your ex. You wanna get back together.


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