Girls, do you know most guys that are ''dating experts'' online are jerks?

I went on many websites in which guys that claim to be ''dating experts'', say messed up things about women or certain groups of women. Like that guy Dave who owns POF. com. I remember when I was reading some of his advice he said,''If you guys don't change your game, you would only be able to get average or below average looking women in your life.'' After I read that, I stopped reading his advice. Nothing is wrong with non good looking women. He is basically insulting them by saying that.
The point of this post is that most dating expert guys are jerks. They are making it seem like being with average or below average looking women is lame.


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  • Just follow your gut, and look forva girl that likes you no matter how she looks. The only thing that will matter would be if shr is faithful to you or not. That is how I view guys, their physical doesn't matter, only their personality.

    • I agree, but not that is not the point of this post. What I am saying is to show women that most guys that are dating experts are jerks

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    • Huh? I don't get what you are saying?

    • It depends on the person too.

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