Is he a con man or genuine?

This guy that i like has slept with one of my friends but he didn't know that i like him until afterwards, we just recently started talking and he has asked to hang out, my friend doesn't care about him she says it was a one night thing but i dont know what his intentions are. I want a relationship not a hook up. He's on vacation so hasn't texted me in a while but said once he gets back we are hanging out. What should i do? is he even interested?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Give him a chance but make it clear what you want from him. If he is interested in a relationship then you guys can have that. And if he is only interested in a hook up but is not a lying douche bag, he'll be honest and tell you he just wants sex.
    And if he lies and hooks up with you under the false pretense of having a real relationship, then you'll know he is a pathetic loser not worth your time or your tears.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should clear that out to him. Tell him about your intentions.


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