How to tell a guy "I like you"?

So I had a crush on a guy for years and I really love him and I really want to teel him "i like you 'but he is shy and I am also a bit nervous. He doesn't live i my city and I dont get to see him much we dont chat too much neither bur I droped him hints like sending him gifts for his birthday or saying him I miss you or paying on a date for him. I want to tell him that I lke him but I dont how I dont want to sound creppy I want to know what should I talk about in order to say it or should I leave him a note or tell him playing a game.


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  • Message the guy and say "I like you"

    • that a good idea but i dont want to freak him out and im actually planing to do it in person.

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    • well don't start off that that. Way just be like wow I'm glad to see you have fun times and then end the day/night by saying hey by the way I really like you

    • amazing idea !! thank you.

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  • Just maybe send him a message saying like I have wanted to tell u for a long time but I'm a really shy I just wanted u to know I think u r really nice and I like u a lot and love ower friendship

    • thats a good idea I appreciate his friendship a lot too but i was planing to do it in person.

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