Should I make a tinder account?

Tbh, I just wanna get laid


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  • DO IT DO IT DO IT. :p you're gonna end up having sex in the future anyway. I know that's a bad way to see things, but it's true...

    But before you go doing people/stuff, always make sure the person you're planning to "do it" with has the same intentions of JUST getting laid - no strings attached... You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings... well maybe other than your parents' :/

    One more thing, DON'T BE SILLY. Remember to wrap your willy.

    • Finally, someone that didn't say I shouldn't or something, especially considering I'm legal anyway. Tbh, I just wanted to get it over with so I could say I've done it, maybe hi-five a friend, and do something else, like play DB Xenoverse or something

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    • If she's hot and not annoying I'd probably date her

    • :) yeah go for it!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Tinder will only get you rejected faster, and by more girls.
    Don't do it for the confidence boost :-D

    • We'll I thought I did fine on Hot or Not, and, getting rejected by women I'll never meet judging me by one picture won't hurt that bad

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What Girls Said 3

  • Not worth it. 90% of the people on Tinder are fake profiles/bots.

    Tinder is really just 80% of the girls going after the top 20% of the guys, so it's still not worth it unless you're very hot.

    Then again, what do you expect when you give the pickiest gender an opportunity to be even more picky?

    • A chance to get muh Dick whet?

    • I have a horse's penis

  • Not if your under 18, you just jailbait waiting to happen

    • Well, I'm 17, which is legal in my state anyway, and, they have a section for people in my age group anyway

    • If that's the case go for it just don't lie about your age because you can ruin people's lives in certain places. Other then that it's a good hookup app

  • No because you are under 18 and you probably won't get any since most girls aren't looking for hookups on there, especially if you are not hot.

    • Would you sleep with me if I begged you?

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    • Well... ya know what they say

    • Whatever dude. Its a stereotype seen 3 black dudes with 5-6 inches xD

What Guys Said 3

  • People (guys and girls) who use Tinder have no social skills

    • Well, I go to an all boys school, I really don't know many girls, and, most of the ones I do know I have a platonic relationship with. Or they rejected me and we don't talk. And, since I depression made it hard to socialize with people in my age earlier in my high school career, these days I don't hang with people much

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    • I... I'm not looking for a relationship

    • Plus, I don't have friends that I talk to or anything to be able to do that

  • I say sure, why not? Doesn't hurt!

  • All on you bud.


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