Guys, My boyfriend keeps liking randiom girls and following random girls on instagram. Does this mean anything? Is he looking for someone else?


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  • If no one ever told you, guys like girls. It doesn't mean anything except he has a dick and a desire to put that dick in 80% of the women on the planet. This does not mean he doesn't love you; but, it does mean that no matter how much he loves you, he will still look at a chicks ass and go, "Dayumm!"

    Males and females differ, in this way. Males are biologically built to fuck as many women as they possibly can. Females are biologically built to only fuck the best possible males they can. It's quality versus quantity. This stems from our reproduction methods: females are much more valuable biologically, because they can only reproduce once in a 9 month period. How? Because one male could do the job of a thousand males in a pinch, because sperm is pretty much infinite. Same principle as economics: if you have an overabundance of a product, that product becomes worth less. Whereas, eggs are valuable, because there is a limited amount of them. This means that males have no drawback from having sex with a mostly undesirable mate--and, as follows naturally, have the desire to use as much sperm as possible; but, females risk the loss of an egg--and potentially lose 9 months potential mating time which they could have used to find a much better mate.

    Our instincts are 20,000 years old. They haven't quite caught up with modern times.

    Further, males nor females are naturally monogamous. For some arbitrary reason, probably religious, we enforce monogamy. But, like the vast majority of animals and other primates, we are serial monogamists (something very, very far from true monogamy, closer to polyamory) or straight polyamorous. This means that a one-on-one relationship is something that goes against our instincts. After all, we have all this reproduction ability, why waste it biologically on one mate? We desire variety in our genetic pool to maximize the potential survival of our offspring by giving them different traits.

    Now. Females have a desire closer to a monogamous one--they instinctually desire males who are capable of providing for and protecting them and potential offspring. Naturally, this means they're more centered on one-at-a-time relationships and maintaining a high-value males interest and attempting to get the male to focus purely on them and their potential/offspring for maximum protection and provision.

    These are the base traits: they do not include social influence, thought, belief, knowledge, conscious desires.


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