How do I deal with my low self esteem from past relationships?

Most of my relationships have been short and even though I never tell anyone I know about it I can't help but feel that as a woman people are trying to define me by how long I have been a relationship or the fact that I never been in a serious relationship.

I get an arrogant vibe from some women who are in serious relationships and I feel as if some of these women not all think they are better than others because they have been with someone for a long time and I feel like these women who act that way want to be defined by how long they have been with a man.

No no these women are not my friends and no they know nothing about me but I see how these types of women in particular are.

Even some men want to judge a girl by her past relationships or how long they have been.

Me I rarely hear of some men being judged by their relationship past
I can't help but feel like some men and women will judge my character on personality on the fact that I have never been in a long term serious relationship


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  • you have to leave the past in the past/


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  • Raise your standards

    • Did you even read my details? I'm talking about low self confidence not relationship PAST ISSUES

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