"Call you later" from a male friend?

I have a male friend who is obviously always flirting with me & probably wants to be more than just friends. (Basically, he'll spend hours & hours with me, always finds an excuse to touch me, etc.)

I saw him this past Wednesday when I had to meet him up at a store since I did a favor for him. We were outside my car talking and I started to get cold. I mentioned how I love talking to him but it was too cold to stick around, and he said, "I'll call you later. I have the next two weeks off" Now everyone knows this is usually a brush off. So I *joked* back, "No you won't." He joked back, not that I really remembered what he said and finally I said, "I know you'll call because I'm awesome." We were both laughing.

This is a male friend who just spent nine straight hours on the phone with me last week when I simply called to ask when he wanted to go out for dinner & drinks. So he has absolutely no problem with talking to me. But of course, I'm now worried. Now that Christmas is past, it's been almost four days since he said that.

We have plans to go out to celebrate New Years Eve together. Should I just call or text him on Monday to see when he's coming to pick me up? Or should I be worried that something has happened and he took what I said the wrong way? He's the type to not make solid plans until the night before, so maybe he's still calling?


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  • How is that a brush off?...he said he'll call you later. He will. "Call you Later" doesn't not mean he'll call you like some desperate animal every 10 minutes. It may mean a week later... he'll call.


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