Girl messages me a lot but in real life we don't talk much?

There is this girl who I see once every two weeks or so who messages me, or we message each other a few times a week and have a good conservation, but when I see her in real life she does not talk as much as through message. Is she messaging me because she is bored or does she like me and is shy? Hard to know whats going on without directly asking her. I normally approach her in real life otherwise if I don't then we will probably not even talk.
  • She likes me but is shy
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  • She sees me as a friend with common interests, thus the messaging
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  • Prefers to talk through message than in real life
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  • Bored and no one else to talk to
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's hard to tell. However, the positive thing is that she enjoys your company!


Most Helpful Guy

  • There's literally no way of knowing if she likes you. You haven't given us anything that night tell us she does.

    One thing is sure though, she likes talking to you by message and not in person.


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  • Maybe she is shy to approach you in real life. And they only way she can talk to you is over the phone.


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