Should I apologize to him?

We scheudled a date but I had to cancel it as I was down with a severe case of allergy rashes. I shot him a text saying that I was sorry but I won't be able to make it the day before our date (early hours of the morning)- I had to be home for quite a while. He was really nice and sweet, saying that he is so sorry to hear that hopes I get well soon and would be well cared for. I then thanked him for his well wishes.

He sent me a text to check up on me 6 days later. I thanked him for asking and told him I haven't fully recovered though I feel much better. He said that was good to hear and said to hang in there. I never replied to that text.
I also didn't mention anything about a raincheck/rescehdule on both occassions though I fully intend to.

I had a relapse conditon and took longer than expected to recover. I texted him 17 days later asking him if he'd like to meet sometime and he hasn't replied (though I know he's abroad). I'm wondering if he thought my sickness was an excuse and that I lost interest and was treating him as an option?

He has been really sweet and considerate thus far and I don't want him to think I'm just bored. Should I call him to apologize or calrify things?

I'd appreciate some comments as well!

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  • Well, it's fully possible that he thought of it as a lack of interest and that you are bored. Yes you should certainly call him to apologize or clarify things, you should make that attempt since you said he is a nice guy, he will understand.

    • You'd think so too? You wouldn't think I could still be unwell then and ask about my well-being or try to reschedule sometime during those 17 days.

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    • Is showing concern a sign that he actually cares? Or could it be platonic and he was just focused on my health and not thinking about seeing me again? He's more of an introvert so I was pleasantly surprised when he checked in on me but am afraid that he has lost interest after I took 17 days to reschedule?
      And thanks for your detailed responses, really appreciate it! :)

    • I was actually planning on apologising for taking so long to reschedule and explain myself, saying that I wasn't trying to blow him off and then tell him that I'd like to see him sometime soon and schedule for a date from there. How do you feel about this? Would he respond well?

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  • I believe you should

    • Is a 17 day period justified to presume lack of interest? I shouldn't wait for him to cool off and let him reply to my text when he's ready then? :/

    • You should call him in order to apologize, instead of waiting for him to reply.

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  • I think you must call him. Much much much better than stupid texting. Just ask when he is available to meet.

    • Mm he's away at the moment so I'll call him when he gets back? Regardless of whether he is still annoyed and doesn't reply to my text?

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    • Is there any way I can contact you to talk about this situation lol I don't wanna further publicize it. I can't message as I'm only at level 1. Can you perhaps drop your email?:)

    • Oh dear... if i would have had anywhere door like doraemon ( :p).. leave about giving email id, i would have come there at your place and talk to you and give the advice within my capacity and knowledge.
      But i cannot post my id here openly. Sorry :/

      But why not here! You are anonymous afteall!

  • You defo should do so


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