Why would she come up to talk to me, give me her number, but not answer?

This young girl at my bus stop would come over and chat with me. One day I get her number and texted her a bit. She responded. I called and left a message - no response.

I I saw her at the bus station and she came over to see me and said she's leaving on Sunday. I asked if she wanted to do brunch or something as a goodbye as she said she wasn't doing anything. She said sure. I texted her some plans but no response.

totally don't get it. Is she nervous? Flat out not interested?


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  • Don't text/call her again. That's twice she's neglected you. Wait for her to respond.

    Slow down & be patient, it's still too early to tell what's going on, these things take time.

    • She's an intern and going home tomorrow. I think she said she's coming back next year, anyways, unlikely I'll see her again until 9 months,.

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    • She was being nice, most people don't like to flat out reject people so they'll take a more passive route.

    • Yeah, I guess so. I gave her some opportunities to get out of it (ignored her at the stop, etc.). Who knows, maybe she's just nice.

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