I've never been rejected. I let women come to me. Why are guys dumb enough to believe the B. S. that?

The reason why they are getting rejected is because they don't know how to approach, aren't in shape, don''t know how to socialize , outgoing and confident? lol NO. Its your face. Not trying to be a jerk, just telling you the truth. I know a few guys. One I call positive pete. Pete no matter how many times he gets rejected, he keeps going. Now I know there's nothing wrong with this guy other than his face because he works out, has a great personality, and always is optimistic and outgoing yet he gets shut down. Why? his face and teeth. He has crooked teeth and it will cost him tens of thousands ( according to the dentist which he doesn't have by the way) to get fixed . Now me, I'm not fat, but I'm not in good shape (skinny) and I'm not outgoing at all and I've been told I have a C-D grade type of personality and yet I can get a woman. Why? because I have looks, which I'm grateful for so don't try to call me arrogant. I laugh when guys talk about how a guy who's struggling only needs "game" great "pick up lines" get in shape be confident blah blah, but I can 99.9% promise you its your face and that women find it unattractive. Nothing you can do about that , unless you have money for plastic surgery. I let women come to me not that I fear rejection, but why approach when I don't have to? Isn't that the argument a lot of women use? If a guy thinks he has to risk rejection to get a woman, more power to him lol. If he thinks its his "job" to approach, more power to him lol.


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  • You are bottom of the barrel of men. No it's not just about a face. Maybe in your shallow world it is but here's a newsflash, the universe doesn't revolve around you.

    Arrogance is one UGLY feature dude! The girls may come to you but I doubt they stay with you! Pathetic.

    • Nooo he has a point... if ya look good to a girl "face wise" she'll do everything in her power to get next to you + spark a convo via small talk...

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    • If girls are coming to him + flirting ETC. He must be what I like to call "universally good looking" where about 60% if not more females find him attractive ^_^.

      Which is why they initiated the convos with him in the 1st place. I wonder could an ugly guy say the same? HELL NAW!!! LOLOLOLOl

    • ugly guys don't get the same treatment as good looking guys nor will girls throw themselves at them if at all.

      Nope they have to work for a girl's attention.

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  • Couldn't have said it better myself + it is because that is what society or their parents told them that they have to do -_-


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  • Actually, now that I think about it you're kinda right... -___-
    You think this applies to women too?

    • To me attraction is DEFINITELY not all about a girls face. I bet you'll get mh for agreeing with him.

    • Probably so.

    • It's sometimes true with some women, especially the ones who care MOSTLY about looks and care for little else.

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  • i mean the "women come to me part" is believeable, cause some people just have insane game with their gestures and mimics... but the "i never get rejected" thing is just horse shit xD even instructors that help people improve their game get rejected. it's normal and if you say you never get rejected, i don't believe one single word that comes from your mouth xD

  • So what's your point? You're lucky.

    • I said what I said because I see so many guys on here get mislead by someone else's experience. Experiences VARY.

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