Is she too old for me to date?

I'm 25. I met this woman today and she gave me her phone number. However, she is 43 and she also has a 21 year old daughter. Am I in over my head here?


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  • o_o does she looks extremely young, or are you just attracted to old people? cause damn! sh was in her twenties before you were even born D:

    Anyway, if you like her, go for it... but really... that is strange...

    • I thought she was like 32. She does look young.

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    • oh oh... i just read you said the daughter is hot too?

      okay, from a smart point of view, don't date either of them... that would just be awful... dating the mom and checking out the daughter... ... or dating the daughter and making the mom feel awful since you got her number first... just awkward situation.. move on. (in my opinion)

    • This is a real tough pickle I'm in.

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  • couldnt hurt to give her a call but i wouldn't let it get to serious unless you want to be with someone double your age. its your choice

    • Double his age would be 50 not 43

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    • The daughter is hot as well. Especially when she wore her yoga pants. I'm in a real pickle.

    • give her a call see what happens thats my best advice bro

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  • It won't work, didn't you see The Rebound.

  • So she going to set you up with the daughter. Good luck.

    • I'm going out with the mother.

    • She is order than you and there might be problems because she is a little plder than you. Try to find someone else.

  • Date the daughter. Problem solved.

    • They're both hot though.

    • Look, the mom is most likely looking for a young guy who can keep up with her. She just wants sex, if that's what you want, by all means go for it. The daughter most likely wants a relationship, at her age, her heart is fragile. She wants something special. If you're a heartbreaker then stay far away from the daughter.

    • I'm not a heartbreaker don't have it in me.

What Guys Said 1

  • Do not do it since her daughter is only 4 years younger than you.


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