Guys, how do I ask out the shy guy that I like at work?

I like this guy at my work, but he is really shy. He and I talk everyday and even flirt with each other through emails. ( he is too shy to say what he says in email and blushes at our conversations; even though they are just sweet.) I want to go out with him outside of work, but he never asks me to go out. We have really good chemistry, but I always wonder if he is interested or not. I decided that maybe I should ask him out to dinner or something simple and maybe test the waters, but I'm not sure what to say exactly or how to do it. Any suggestions?


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  • 1) If he flirts with you then he probably does like you... Does he smile and stare at you a lot... Do you think he knows u like him?
    2) He's shy like u say so he's obviously going to struggle to flirt face to face... If he's nervous around you he probably either knows you like him and feels uncomfortable or he knows and feels the same.
    3) Ask him these question to show him your intentions e. g. Have you got a gf? Or who's the lucky lady? Or something along the lines of this when he says he doesn't have one say he's joking which compliments him.
    4) Ask him if he wants to go see a movie or have lunch. I say this because you must have the date during the day not at night so he feels less pressure and it could come across as freinds. Id suggest getting a long coffee together. Like taking your coffee and drinking it somewhere outside where it's nice.
    Id recommend saying to meet up after work so it's more convenient.
    5) Tell him you like him face to face. This is a MUST. If you text him this he'll feel awkward. He'll most likely say he feels the same but remember people always say work relationships are a no no because any problems in thry future follow you to work.
    If you follow my guideline you will succeed and you have to be brave remember THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE GO GETTERS.


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  • Sometimes you have to get what u want !! So u grab and fix that guy ur way


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