Guys, Have you ever found a women wearing a hijab (head scarf) attractive?


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  • Yes im Muslim and part black I have a white girlfriend who asked me out but if she didn't id probably be with a Muslim girl. A lot are attractive


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  • The ones I have seen in person, nope.

    • What made them unattractive? Were they just not good looking enough or does the whole head covering thing turn you off?

    • Usually the scarf is covering them completely and kills their look. And tbh, some of them aren't just attractive. On the other hand, I've seen PLENTY of Muslim women who are fine asf. Kinda have a thing for arabic girls since they're cute lol. It's just the ones I see who are wearing a hijab aren't good looking. Its weird but true.

    • Yeah I get you. It'a not weird at all. But keep in mind that there are plenty of women that wear a head scarf but don't completely cover up. Sometimes it depends on their culture and how comfortable they are with it. I wear the heard scarf but I wear jeans and t-shirts. Honestly it's your preference and thank you for answering :)

  • Nope.. it completely kills the look and i'm a muslim too.


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