Girlfriend shows no emotion?

We have been together for nearly a year and I've noticed from the start that she never smilies at anyone. When someone speaks to her she's has a poker face the full time and it looks like she's angry but she's not she does it to everyone, she never show any emotion in her face. I have seen her smile but it's not very often. I have said to her why does she not smile at people or even show interest in what there saying and she's just said "that's my face".
Why is she like that?
Anyone else girlfriend show no emotion in there face?


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  • Displaying no emotion doesn't mean she doesn't feel any emotion.

    Maybe she finds it difficult to smile due to an inward sadness she has... something in her past unnknown to you.

    Everyone displays emotions differently , some behind tears , others behind a smile. While some have no physical expression at all.

    Just accept her as she is. It's better she doesn't smile, if that is how she is... than to fake a smile or laughter and everyone think she is false. People see through fake smiles and start believing the person is deceitful. She is just being herself. It doesn't mean she can't love or has no compassion inside her 💜😃


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  • From what you described, she's a calm, collected girl. Which is exactly the kind of girl I can't find DX I can relate to her. I'm a very muscular guy and I always look pissed so it can be intimidating for some people. Unlike her though, I do smile when I talk to people (mainly because I'm friends with funny people). It's probably just her natural reaction. I highly doubt that she has some sob story behind it, but a lot of us people that have what is called "resting bitch face syndrome" don't even realize that we do it. I actually like it because it confuses people since I'm actually nice, and no one tries to mess with me XD


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  • Wow, you are dating Kristen Stewart? Lucky guy.


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