Girls, what to do when your scared to ask a girl out?

But dont want her to lose interest while your nervous


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  • Just ask her. It's okay if your nervous, most girls (if not all) think it's actually really cute when guys are nervous


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  • Try to keep things light. If you're funny use that. Actually, if you're nervous don't hide it. It's cute.

    • I get nervous cause i get caught up in my head and play so many scenarios most of them involve me getting rejected and publicly humiliated

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    • Would she get scared or nervous and get away from the situation

    • I don't know. You probably wouldn't scare her away but you might make her nervous :)

  • You need to prepare yourself to lose her then

    • Why though

    • Because there is a possibility she'll say no.

    • Well thats part of the reason my last relationship was 4 years ago

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