Girls, on an online dating site, if you don't specify on your profile, can I ask you if you are interested in a serious relationship or not?

or maybe, not ask so directly, but just ask' what exactly are you looking for' or whatever.
might sound like a stupid question, but i want to be sure before i ask this girl..
anybody else has an opinion pleasE?


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  • You can assume girls are looking for a serious relationship on online dating

    • lol!!! i really don't assume that. i know for a fact that a lot of girls also just want hook ups, like lots of guys...

    • thats really always what i thought lol

  • I think you should ask her but not directly

    • then how do you think i should do it?

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    • Hmm i dont know coz i haven't been to online dating._. But i think u good to go with 'what is exactly bring u here? Or like u write on ur question

    • haha that isn't really indirectly haha
      but i see what you mean:)
      thanks for your opinion!

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