Finished on an awkward note... What do I do next?

So this guy asked me out on a coffee date last year and it was great- I got his number etc. sadly I lost his number 2 days later when my phone got run over :/ I never got over him bc there was somethjng about him... Something special besides he's so hot haah

fast forward to this year I see him out of the blue at work and it's so like wow. No contact and he's just there. we hooked up at a party later that same week but We got interrupted by some rude people I know who wanted to cause a fight, accusing me of things I did to their bfs etc when I didn't INFRONT OF HARRY (my guy I FINALLY got to hook up with) and it was so embarrassing. He kinda understood and bought me a drink after, but I made myself look bad because j was on my phone permantly only to find out that a fam member passed away. What a night. I left straight after that, tried to say goodbye- we locked eye contact like the "kiss me" contact but I couldn't reach him on the dance floor.

Ps one of the weirdest things was that night, he remeber every single little details about me from lag yesr, that isn't found on social media- like I love.. Movie or that I can't drive and that I'm doing teaching... How is it humanly possible for someone so hot whose met me once to remember so much about me? I did about him but that's bc I like him...

i recently messaged him but he's one of those d Dudes that never replies. To make things more interesting, he coaches both my siblings so he sees them everyday but not me (my sister tries to get Info from him but it makes me look desperate and I don't wanna look desperate although I am lol)😢😢 I wanna apologize for that night and start fresh. I want his number back and to keep talking. I don't know what to do it's such a mess and I like him a lot and I always look out for him.. #helpme?


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  • Maybe he never replies because he's not interested in you?

    • He never replies bc he's so busy! He's an elite sportsman working many jobs to pay to enter comps. He replies when he can- but it feels like ages when u have nothing on ur mind

    • Sponsored by Nike though so he's already living half the dream 👏

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