Is thia odd to happen?

Would you find it odd if your boyfriend of 1 year went to have have lunch and drinks with a female friend and you asked to be invited and he said no?


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  • If a friend (female) wanted to talk to me about something and asked to meet me over lunch, I would certainly be wrong to bring someone she does not know along. If that is the case, or something like that, it is a perfectly normal thing and not a problem at all. But there could be other reasons, and that would be suspicious.

    • I would be upset if some other women (not talking family here) wanted to confide in MY boyfriend. That is for me to confide in him she should confide in other family or her female friends. That is a slippery slope for an emotional relationship to happen which leads to emotional cheating. Soon she confides in my boyfriend about her life or relationship problems and then more feelings develop because she realizes she can use him as her emotional crutch. It wouldn't sit right for my boyfriend to have secrets with some other women

    • If I had a female friend for years who felt she needed my input on something that she did not want the world to know about, she sure would not want to talk to me about it with a stranger (to her) listening to every word. I would probably be able to tell my SO about the topic later, if not the details, but if my SO has so little faith in me that she would be worried about this then maybe she is not as trusting of me as she should be!

    • I gueas its just a matter of opinion then. I want to be the main person of the opposite sex that my partner confides in and i would expect to be held in a higher regard than a female who is just a friend therefore i would expect my feelings to come first. Different strokes for different folks i guess

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  • It's not right at all. Super inappropriate!!!


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  • Odd, no..

    Suspicious, yeah...


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