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i dont understand this guy at all. he thinks i should come by his house but he refuses to make any effort to come to my house and see me. its a 4 hour drive over all and im expecting to do it all? i told him that he could aswell come here and see me and he didn't reply. and he haven't for almost 3 days now. im not going to text him cause i actually dont think its okay of him to demand these sort of things from me when he isn't intrested in moving an inch himself. how do i proceed?


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  • I think you are on the right track here young Lady. If he wants to see you he should get up off his Dead azz and put forth the effort. So many now a day seem to have the preconceived notion that they have it coming or are owed these things. NEWS FLASH!! Get a frigging life and do some sh! T for ya damn self guy !!

    • thank you. this actually meant a lot to hear. im ready to put effort into this if he is. but he didn't even offer to come pick me up from the buss stop when i told him that i might take the buss to come see him. (and that was the closes buss stop. But it was at least over an hour car drive from where he lived.) I've experienced this before in a relationship and i still got to hear i was the one who didn't but enough effort into the relationship. i felt horrible for blurting it out at first, but now i feel glad i did.

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    • Thanks young Lady

    • You deserve it 😀

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