Since a lot of parents obviously hate jerk boyfriends for their daughters, would they also hate a guy who's "too nice"/ a pushover dating their?


Basically a guy who's not only "too nice" but a guy with lack of self-estem or self-respect.
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  • I brought a guy home to meet my parents once and my dad pulled me aside and told me straight up, "Next time bring home a man worthy of the woman you are. Not a child."


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  • Its a very interesting question. I ask myself this all the time. I wouldn't want my daughter dating a gamer, someone that's very religious, an overly nice guy or a dangerous guy. So yeah, overly nice or overly bad makes me worry.

    • What's wrong with being a gamer? Not all gamers are unemployed losers who sit in their mother's basement playing World of Warcraft. I'm a pretty big gamer myself and work and I work two jobs right now to live on my own and get my degree in college.

    • Well by definition then, you are clearly not a gamer, but a guy who likes to play some games when he has time.

    • Not really. There are plenty of gamers that actually have a real life and call themselves gamers and knows a fine line between being a hardcore gamer and just having no life at all by just stay at home playing games for his/her whole life doing nothing productive.

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  • I think it depends more on the guy and girl and how their personalities interact.

  • My mom wouldn't want to see me with a pussy.


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