Why can't I get over this guy?

I've never dated a guy before and I've never had feelings for a guy! There's this guy who was in kinda my life and now he's not! I can't get in contact with him because he doesn't own a phone and I really don't know anyone that knows him! It's a really long story! But, he was a stranger to me... and asked me out! I said no because it caught me off guard... I've regretted it ever since! I just don't know what to do! Or why I'm still feeling this way!


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  • There is no attachment here what so ever by what you have said.

    • Woah.

    • Thanks for your kind words... not...

    • Maybe there wasn't that much... but, I mean... I really felt like this guy liked me... maybe he didn't... I did have the chance to appoligze to him... but... I don't know if he knows how I fell about him...

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  • Can't you just search for him on facebook?


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  • I think you're feeling that way because you like him, and you regret not seeing what could have been. Just go find him and ask him to hang out, or at least show some interest, or give him your phone number. I'm sure he can find a phone to call you with.

  • Why is he not in your life anymore? what changed?

    • He moved back to his home town! He came where I lived because his brother was sick and his mom wanted him to come check on him! So he did and he came in where I worked and he came in A LOT! Well, he asked me to a wedding! It caught me off guard! (That's why I said no!) I didn't really no what else to do! I really wished it would've explained myself better. I met the brother... the brother talked to me to for awhile! He would come in and tell me how his brother (the one who asked me out) was doing and stuff... well, he told me he was thinking about moving out here... haven't seen them since...:(

    • If u see either of them get your number to him

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