Ideal first date?

Assuming you live in a small town miles away from any beaches. Where there isn't that much to do What would be an ideal first date?
  • Meal in a restaurant
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  • Pub lunch
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  • Cinema
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  • Theme Park
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  • Walk in the countryside
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  • Meet up for drinks
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  • Something else
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Drinks are fine. That way it won't cost too much so if you discover half way through the first date that you are not in to them. You are mot throwing money down the drain. Go for a meal on the 2nd date. Hopefully breakfast too ;-)


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What Girls Said 4

  • I chose walk in the countryside, but I think ALL of those sound like fun dates. Except I don't like cinema for a first date, 'cause you stare silently at a screen instead of getting to know each other.

  • A walk in the countryside sounds amazing. Could always bring a picnic, so once you explore a bit, maybe find a nice spot to eat and drink.

  • Your description literally just described where I live. *sigh* the struggles

    But I chose cinema, because i've been on one date and that's what we did. xD

  • Out of those, any would be fine except the movies, you can't really get to know each other there.


What Guys Said 5

  • I would recommend bowling, or something like it (closest on list would be... not sure. Theme park if it has activities that let you move at your own pace).

    I wouldn't start off with a restaurant / drink place. As part of the first date, sure, but I would suggest starting with an activity that gives you both something to do during conversation pauses (which, although natural, can be quite awkward during a first date) and gives ample opportunity to chat (so not a movie). Then finish up with a nice dinner somewhere if she has the time.

    Also, stick to public places where there will be other people around. This is less of an issue if you've known her a long time, granted.

  • Sunset ride.

    Just... battthe in the tranquil atmosphere.

    IHOP after the ride , maybe a chit chat , maybe a drink , then it's back on the road.

    • ihop though.
      too good

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    • @illusive_man

      lolol, my family always says that.
      Apparently I have baby hands then. Because I don't think they're the size of my hand. o_O

      I mean, I get more than just pancakes so it's okay. cx

    • @Kay211
      Well at least you won't be eating anyone to bankruptcy anytime soon lol

  • I live in a city with absolutely nothing to do! But a theme park ir fair grounds would be a wonderfull first date. If not that go get creative

  • Theme park, it would be fun to ride roller coasters together

  • Go to the theme park, have a banging time till it starts getting dark,
    When it's dark go on a walk and flirt a bit more.
    Then when your both a bit excited go back to one of your places for the night 😉
    Sounds perfect


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