This guy I met online is flying overseas to meet me, is that crazy?

Saw this German guy at a male friend's album. They met in Spain and I thought he looked nice! Our common friend introduced us online and we engaged in light conversation. One month later he wanted to come, but I was flying to see my dad in Miami. I'm mid 30s, he's mid 40s, was married once and has a son. Technically he's coming for our friend, but he made sure I was going to be in town so we could meet at the end of the year. I'm half American, half Mexican, live in Puebla now. There's an obvious interest from both sides, and he's even going to buy me something. I think we both play cool about this story, never got into many personal details about our lifes. My friend says he's mature and polite. Conversation spyced up a bit at some point but he never crossed any line. I just think maybe it's a crazy thing. He's comig after one year of cool talk, but he wanted to come just one month after we were introduced... Is this needy? Or just a very expensive sexual adventure on his part? Maybe this is a normal thing?


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  • Be careful! Make sure everyone knows where you are and when! This raises all kinds of red flags for me

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. Could you tell me what comes to your mind when you think of red flags? Violence?

    • Just a few more details: my friend lives here and will be around with us. He knows the guy in person.

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