Does this girl like me?

I met a girl a couple months ago and we have been hanging out a lot.. I really have no idea how she felt about me, because sometimes at work (we work at the same job) she willingly talks to me for hours, even though all our other coworkers are around to talk to, and I haven't seen her talk with other people for that long. She also always seems really happy to see me, although I think thats just who she is I can't tell, and a lot of times I would just be hanging out at work alone, and she would come up and talk to me, or get me to go talk with our other friends. I really dont know whether or not she likes me though, but in the past 2 weeks on at least 3 separate occasions some of our mutual friends at work suggested I go out with her. The first time they suggested the two of us go out to dinner alone instead of with the group (because we were planning a dinner with our friends from work), and I just laughed and didn't really know what to say. She laughed too and tried brushing it off. The second time we were at work and 2 co workers who are dating invited her to go with them to grab some lunch. She said something like "Oh I dont want to third wheel you guys" and they were like "oh just bring (me) with you for a double date" and she hit him and told him to shut up (half jokingly and half seriously), and then the third time a good guy friend (who only knows this girl from a couple meetings) and I were hanging out and talking about girls and he suggested that I go out with this girl, but that was only once, he hasn't mentioned it again since then (which was more then a week ago). Its really confusing because sometimes this girl hangs out with our coworkers and I dont even get invited even though I am a mutual friend. I am confused, and anyway she left for college earlier today and texted me to say bye, and gave me a big hug during the last shift we worked together, but I feel like since we won't see each other for about 10 months that she would have said something if she liked me.


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  • she likes you.


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