I'm in my first relationship and also first argument with my girlfriend, below is description of what happened and how should I go about this?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating now for 8 months. So today we had our first argument. She lied about using my car and i had no clue why she wouldn't just ask me, so then she started yelling then i made fun of her and then it was more yelling. Appretnly i had agreed to her using my car 3 days ago but i don't recal that. Anyways i try to call her and say i'm sorry for yelling at her but she will not pick up :(

What can i do now? I called her some names and i don't think she was happy about that. I also had a bad day today so i was a bit extra mad. How can i go about this?


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  • Just explain how you feel towards her and she will understand.

    • will she talk to me? Should i try and call tomorrow again or give it more time?

    • Give her more time.

    • ok, thank you

What Guys Said 1

  • Arguments happen in all healthy relationships. Give her some time to cool off, and try again later with an apology. Just tell her what you said here is good.


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