Guys, does it usually take a little convincing for a girl to give you her number, or do they pretty much hand it right over?

I usually don't push it if she doesn't want to give her number, I just move on to the next one, but sometimes I wonder since I guess if I was a girl I would be a little relunctant to give my number out to some guy too.


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  • It's all about your approach. To put it simply, get her attention, be interesting, make her think that giving out her number could be a positive experience. If you just creep over and ask for a number without any personality, she might just pass the offer.

    • Well I always ask about the girl and show an interest in her and usually I'll tell a little about myself too. I'm not much of a bragger so I probably do a terrible job of sounding interesting. lol

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  • if you're handsome then sure most would hand it to you
    if you're not you gotta get her to have a good time after you approached her make her wanna see you again
    then you'll get the no.
    or you can get plastic surgery :D :D
    Good luck

    • That's the thing I have pretty much all the qualities girls don't look for. 5' 4'' skinny and I guess not the best looking either.

    • then try to strike a good convo
      good Luck :D

  • It takes like... Literally zero effort after the approach bro 😂

    They just hand that shiz over to you like it's water.

    I've gotten numbers without even talking, I've gotten sooooo many within the first few minutes of approach.

  • Depends on the girl, if the girl is very desirable, it will take convincing for almost any guy.

    • Yeah I don't usually go for those. I try and stay with the semi decent looking ones.

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    • Sure seems that way. I've only gotten a number a few times from a random girl I approached in real life, but I can always get dates from girls on tinder, but the quality level isn't usually very good on there from what I've found.

    • Bro, Wdf, Does tinder actually work. OMFG

  • Girls have 5 numbers, the friends number, the blocked number!, The family number, the friends with benefits number, the colleague number, now it depends which number she gives you.

  • They just give it out right when I ask. I can only see a girl doing that to someone she dislikes or if the guy looks like a creeper.

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