I can't seem to find anyone compatible?

I am a minimalist. I have a bed, end table, and one chair. That's it. I find it gives me peace and clarity and is easy to keep tidy. I have a cat too who is my buddy. My dream is to live in a 500 Sq ft tiny house.

I live in a small remote community and I love spending my weekends wild camping in national parks. I don't like planning my life too much. I love art, poetry, and beautiful things. I love freedom and the open road.

I feel every guy I meet wants to buy things and have a big house with a bunch of furniture. Everything is planned. Everyone follows rules and conventions. I can't live like that. Where can I meet someone free spirited like me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nothing wrong with your expectations, but since they are different from what most people want, it may take you longer to find someone compatible. But just keep at it, and it'll happen!


What Girls Said 1

  • You will eventually meet someone. Plus, I doubt that every guy you meet has a dream to buy a big house with many furnitures. That's an exaggeration!


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