Should I quit texting my girlfriend we are on break.

I'm 26 and she's 19. We have known each other for a year and have been living together for ten months. So we got in a huge fight on christmas eve, On christmas day she tells me that we should take a break that she is bored of me and are relationship. Not sure if I should be texting her or not she keeps texting me then it seems like she trys to pick a fight. I do love her and want her in my life.

Ok so should I dump her or wait and see what happens?


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  • Oh dude for gods sake! what is it with you older guys and those little girls? BORED of you?

    You get bored and excited about someone you're on a fling with, or having some casual fun, ya'know... but you want her in your life? I beg of you, rethink this. Think about how many sleepless nights you're going to spend tihnking about what kind of "exciting fun" she is having away from you when she does that in the future. I assure you, if she did and said it the first time, it's only going to get worse from now on.

    Stop texting her, SHOW her you're not that interested, use her same weapon to make her worried, make her think you know how to spend a good time, too. Make her insecure, stop the lame romances... if after one month she didn't come back running to you, then she doesn't deserve you, send her a text then saying: "go play with someone's your age, I got myself a real woman and I never get bored of her".



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  • It's over.

    Quit texting her.

    She's picking a fight with you because she's not "digging" you anymore.

  • i think you should leave her alone.

    dont be surprised if it doesn't last becuase you're seven years apart. she's 19. she's got a huggge life ahead of her. and at this age every girl and guy still wants to party while they can. you two are probably are on two differnt levels. you're at the age where you want to find someone to settle down with and she isnt.

    try to move on if you can.

    good luck <3

    • She has a key to my apartment I do I jump the gun and dump her or wait it out?

    • Welll that's not good. make sure she doesn't come in there and like take all your stuff or anything. maybe change the locks? or call her and just ask her to come over and talk about all of it so you're not just kinda left hanging wondering what's next or what you two are considered.

  • maybe you should not text her, then she will want you more because you will be being aloof and mysterious


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