Scared to ask him out?

Hi everyone.
Im really into this guy, but im so scared he'll reject me. We have the same group of friends so itll be
very awkward if he says no.
Im not entirely sure how to ask him out (keep in mind we are long distance. i also dont give a shit if you think long distance doesn't last/work)

Any tips on "recovering" from him possibly rejecting me? Or what to say if he does?
Itd also be helpful to know how to start the conversation before i ask him out.


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  • I can understand your concern, you fear of rejection and yes rejection does hurt if a guy would have been in your place he would be scared too. I know but you can take a calculated risk, by that I mean if the signs are good, if he has clearly shown you that he is interested (by his actions) then you can take a chance, risk by asking him out and see what happens, at least it will be a calculated risk.


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  • You should spend some time with him, get into his friends group and you are comfortable around him then ask him out. Take a risk and be brave. You've got nothing to lose


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  • Has he been showing signs that he likes you too?

    • I believe he has. I've never really been very social/flirty though, so i can't say for certain.

    • If you guys have been friends for a while and you think he's showing signs I myself would go for it. But if you've just met him I wouldn't bc he may just be being friendly you know? But I understand what you mean. I've just got comfortable being around guys. The only thing you can really do is find someone else to crush on. Even though sometimes it's easier said then done.

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