Why is my girlfriend so pissed at me?

So I have been dating this girl for almost 6 months now. I'm 21 she is 20. I love this girl and would like to marry her one day.

This weekend we went on a vacation. A great beautiful vacation. We were great and acting so in love. Between the weekends plans, we went to rest before the nights show. I was resting with my head in her lap. She was playing with my face doing the best to annoy me and talking to my mother. While doing this she goes to blow on my face and unfortunately blows a bunch of spit on my face. I then said "please don't spit on my face" she again goes to blow on my face blowing a lesser amount of spit on my face. At this point I stand up and said that I am going to take a nap and go downstairs and lay down.

I don't understand why she is so upset with me. She says I stormed off and was acting pissy. I know that if the roles had been switched she would have acted way worse than I had. (Which I don't see that I had acted poorly...)

So if you have any ideas or insight into why she is so angry or how I can help fix this it would be greatly appreciated. I'm completely blown away right now. I've been next to her for over 24 hours and can't hardly get any words out of her other than "ok"


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  • I wouldn't like someone to spit on my face. I think you should apologise and promise that it won't happen again.


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