Guys what does it mean when a guy tries his best for you but when u tease him a little he starts playing around with pebbles?

Okay 2 days ago my boyfriend took me to a fireworks display, we weren't alone but he sneakingly took me to the pier and once the fireworks started he tried holding my hand and I moved it away a little just to see what he does, he turns around and starts kicking pebbles around 😂. He's a antisocial idiot, totally clueless about love and emotions but tries his best for me


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  • For some reason I find that terribly cute.


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  • It means he was nervous.


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  • Lol that's cute 😄 and imaging it is funny 😂

    • * imagining

    • It was sweet and adorable but I felt a little guilty about it

    • Don't be 😊 its ok to do it just to see his reaction which u only will see when u do what u did 😄 and if u aren't doing it always its ok he knows that u love him

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