Was I being mean to her?

So looking back at memories in the past for sophomore year. A girl had a crush on me, she flerted with me all the time. I didn't like her that much cuz of weight. She had a multi personality disorder as well. I was faking of understanding her because I am a gentleman and I can't misstreat a woman. I would say that I'm decent looking becasue over the years in school many girls had crushes on me. I didn't know till they told me in the end that I had broken their hearts but didn't mean to becasue I was being honest with them. So at the end of my sophomore year, I was being honest with her and told her that I don't have any feelings for you and I feel really sorry that I made you cry. I hugged her in the end because I felt really bad but I can't date a woman that I have no feelings for while she had for me.

So was I being mean to her?

Now we aren't friends anymore and we can't seem to see each other anymore which is for the better, I think.
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  • You let her down easily

    • I didn't mean to. She was all over me during the whole year and I was happy for a bit but when she changed her personality, I was terrified and just had to deal with that personality. My body would shake sometimes because how voice change and how eyes and how she acts.

    • I meant it as a good thing cause you could of told her all of that that bothered you which would of hurt her

    • Oh though you meant it in another way.
      Sorry for misunderstanding lol :P

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