Crush suddenly ignoring me?

My crush used to have a coffeeshop which i met him there 4 years ago now after 4 years i got the chance to chat up with him in whatsapp and when he remembered me he said im So beautiful now then he said he would like to meet me and i said ok then we stopped talking, but he never messaged me back I messaged him few times and he replies but he doesn't talk about going out and i feel he is ignoring me a bit. Plus he knows my father well because my father used to go to their coffeeshop a lot can he be ignoring me because he's shy of my dad? And what should i do? Im scared of asking him why he doesn't wanna hang out anymore I don't wanna act clingy , what do i do?


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  • Just ask him straight up if he is interested in meeting up sometime and give a date/time. If he still doesn't respond positively then it is safe to say he is not interested. If it seems like hard work to get a guy's attention then it usually almost always mean the feeling isn't mutual. Dating someone shouldn't ever be difficult.

  • may be he is having a second thought about hanging out with you. who knows? @@ he may be texting several girls at the same time. Plus , why do u chat with him 4 years after you guys have met , did he text you first?


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