She's acting hot and cold?

ok i'll tell you why im confused

signs she likes me:
- she basically asked me out for dinner (but i was the one who had to set the exact date n where)
- she tweets things that i like e. g. Coffee, travel, specific food that i like (probably trying to attract my attention for a comment)
- calls me all kinds of nicknames including babe, darling heart emoticons. And trust me we're not even best friends like that.
- remembers small details about me
-she always replies my texts most of the time really quickly too haha
- she talks a lot on our first date (first thing she asked about me was about my family) it was as if we've known eachother forever like we had a lot to talk about
- she plays along with the idea of us getting married/ people teasing we're girlfriend & boyfriend

signs she probably doesnt:
- she rarely texts first or even at all
- sometimes if she replies late. She would say some random thing unrelated to my last text like "you look good" referring to my disp pic lol in a shy way

Ok i do get confused at times. Like i find it hard to ask her out? Also i get tired of texting her first. But when i do she has a lot to talk about as if she was just waiting for me to initiate -.- like if i texted in the morning we could be talking the whole day till night. But of course with a few mins delay replies cos we're both working. I dnno.


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What Girls Said 1

  • There's more signs she likes u so she definitely likes u. Girls can be on/off like a switch it's just our moods and depends on how we r feeling. With the texting thing, girls rather the guy to text first I don't know why but it's just more comfortable for us. If she replies late then she's probably busy, we all have lives to go on with.


What Guys Said 2

  • She likes you. Girls just don't initiate conversations early in a relationship. As you guys get closer she will start texting you first. I think, haha. Solving girls is harder than doing a rubiks cube underwater blindfolded

  • In what way does she act cold? She really likes you! ASK HER OUT ASK HER OUT ASK HER OUT


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