Will he ever be interested again?

So I’m pretty new to Tinder and online dating but after being single a couple of years and hanging out with some single girlfriends I decided to give it a go. Most men were clearly after one thing and immediately asking for pictures etc. Then I started chatting to this guy who was the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life! No Joke! He asked for my facebook and we chatted all day. He quickly asked ‘what I was looking for’ to which I replied some fun. I am just looking for fun right now as my last relationship was nine years. So he was a bit pushy in his messages and very sexual but I let it go because I’ll say again…hottest guy ever! So at first he was really sweet then he said a few not so nice things and again I let it go. So I got the feeling he was gonna stop chatting if we didn't meet (It had only been a week of chatting and more from my side) He was more interested in sexy talk and pics. So he came round a few days ago. I suggested going for a drink which he seemed pretty bummed out by so I said okay come to my flat. Of course we had sex. Then I drove him back to his as I had work early. We kissed goodbye but was more like a peck. And then I text the next evening to say hey. He didn't read my whats app. So I text again the next day to say I felt a bit used. didn't read it again. Annoyingly with whats app I can see that he’s been online etc. So I’ve deleted his contacts etc. but in a way I would like to see him again as we did have chemistry – or at least I thought so :). I’ve never been that adventurous in bed but with him I let go a bit so kind of want to do it again. A week has passed and I noticed yesterday that he's defriended me on FB. I hadn't tried to contact him or 'liked' any of his posts so I'm really confused as to why? Advice please – is there anyway to get him back round or is he serial shagger that won't be interested in same thing twice?
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  • I don't think you'll hear from him again. It doesn't sound promising, at the very least.

    Did you have a good time with him?

    I'd suggest using a different dating service if you actually want to find a relationship. If you're just after hook-ups, Tinder and OkCupid are great.

    • I was just looking for fun too but I didn't expect him to completely go ghost and now I'm trying to wrack my brain thinking what I did wrong or how I put him off :(

    • No, I don't think you did anything wrong. I just don't think he had any expectation of it becoming a long term arrangement. Most people are cowards and ghost you.

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  • Hate to say it but for all you know he may have a girlfriend or maybe the sex wasn't that good. If he defriended you on Facebook he obviously isn't interested in even keeping you around in his back pocket for whatever reason. I don't date ridiculously hot guys even though I'm decent looking. They are always missing something from their personality and it is usually all about them. All and all pretty unfulfilling even if you are just looking to have a good time.

    • Thank you - I know you're probably right - just hurts like a bitch and a real slap in the face!

  • in Uk, yes because he knows he 'ss gotten his cherry and now to the next cherry he will try to acquire too... as he did to yours.


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