Why do guys approach random women in public looking for a date?

I don't care where it is, whether it be the store, a library or a club, it's annoying. It won't work anyway. If you want a date so bad, use a dating website, Facebook or find a date through mutual friends. Randomly approaching guys in public is creepy and a turn off for MOST girls.


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  • So, let's see... if a guy uses the internet to meet women, he's a loser. If he meets a girl in a club, he's a "creeper." If he meets her in the gym, he should be focusing on his workout. If he meets her in class, he should be focusing on school. So, it's solely left for just mutual friends here? What if someone doesn't have friends?

    Here is an example @kaylaS91: I'm willing to bet she lives in the United States.

    • wow you're even more bitter than I first suspected! oh well. I guess some people prefer a life of misery.

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    • @kaylaS91 I'm not being bitter. I just thought it was funny we were just arguing about this and I came across this question.

    • @Asker
      yeah that comment was directed at @CincinnatiRedsfan
      They dragged me into this because they're giving further silly points while bickering with me on another question. -_-

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  • let's see.
    At bars "we're just looking to hook up anyway", and in more daily life situations we're "creepy ant turnoff"? And guys using dating sites are often seen as desperate, or "unable to get a girl irl, so he use the internet".

    And you wonder why guys all over the world are gradually giving up on dating alltogether?
    Too funny ^^

    • I don't go to bars. Bars are usually middle aged creeps. I go to CLUBS ocassionally. I still don't look for men.

    • see, that's the problem. No matter where we go there's some bullshit stereotypical label XD
      What do you define guys at clubs as? Players who's just looking for pussy?

      Then again, you're still very much not grown up (not that i'm any older), so i guess the views will change

  • Well i think too many people just ignore people in public, everyone just blanks anyone they don't know ha, not all but most. I talk to girls a lot of the time just being friendly, without setting off the creep alarm.. they smile and talk back so i don't make them feel uncomfortable. But yeah some guys will try for a date or something, so if you don't want him talking to you, don't look at him or anything, he should get the hint.

  • We may never see that female ever in life again... so we might as well give it a go!

    As the saying goes, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

    As guys, we have to not be overly worried about offending or bothering some female prospect. For OUR own good as guys, we must consistently approach or we shall be forever single, and forever virgins.

  • If a man sees a woman that he wants to date, then why should he not try?
    There's a good chance he'll never see her again. It may not work, but whatever.
    Are these guys respectful, at least?
    There are plenty of people who've met in a random place.

  • No wonder a lot of guys are giving up on dating. Because of women like you.
    "Why don't guys approach me?"
    "Eww... approaching me randomly? What a creep..."

    Yeah you can't have it both ways, girls. How about I share you some harsh truth and tell you to stop being a cunt? Appreciate the fact that you are even desired by guys if you get approached randomly. There are a lot of people who envy the fuck out of you.

    And you know how fucking scary it is to even approach someone you never met in the first place? How about show some god damn courtesy and admire the fact that they get out of their comfort zone just to try to get to know you? How about instead of shunning the brave ones who face the fear of rejection you show some level of respect?

    Do I need to go on how deplorable you are for thinking like a self-righteous ass?

  • I guess they see hope where you don't.

    people are different.

  • Because if your hot enough or rich enough it will work and it does so deal with it.


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  • And dating sites are better? At least a guy is real in public.. sites are full of catfishes

    • But guys in public put on an "act" which I know is fake. So it's no different than a catfish.

  • It doesn't creep me out, I do the same but I don't ask anyone out on the spot that's just weird. I just introduce myself and conversate with them.

    • Well you're an exception then.

  • they are desperate.


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