Have any of you dealt with a psychotic woman who went to ends meet to try and steal your man?

I've been with my boyfriend for four years. We have two children together and live together (we have for three years). Throughout the relationship we have had various different women and men try to come between us, as do many relationships. However recently it peaked at an all time high dose of psychoticness. Its truly a good thing we trust each other because if not, we'd be screwed. Recently we went back to school to get our diplomas. A month before graduation a new girl started in our class and she seemed really cool at first. That was until we were on break and she tried holding my boyfriend hand, which he obviously refused, and then she went on a full out tantrum about how I "control my man" and that "he deserves someone real like her". She started making fake Facebook accounts and text plus numbers to try and talk to him. She also had my ex from highschool try getting ahold of me to "meet up and catch up on old times". He later forwarded my boyfriend the emails in between him and this woman and it was all a set up to split us up. She then got my number and started texting me saying she was having sex with my boyfriend and had been for six months. Mind you, my boyfriend and I are together 24/7. And I know for a fact he would never do that. He won't even look at another woman or speak to another woman without asking my permission (and no I didn't ask him to do that, he just does). Anyways, the other day I went on a girls night and I started getting texts from this girl stating that she was with my man at that very moment. Her time frames added up. It looked really good on her end. I screenshoted the messages and sent them to my boyfriend. He freaked. And now we have found a hidden camera in the corner of our house by our back door and belongings of someone else's in our yard. Head bands, bracelets, and even her sweaters. All placed in the same spot and she admitted to stalking my boyfriend. Please tell me I'm not the only one dealing with this bullshit.


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  • I didn't have to deal with someone that crazy. But over the past year this girl my big was working with was obsessed with him. He said was friends with her but she wanted more. It escalated she wrote shit on my ig and I blocked her and then after that she had her friends stalk my ig. Then she kept texting him shit she stole his phone at work and locked her self in the bathroom. She got pulled from work and transferred cause she's cray cray. She showed up at my work 😳 tried to be nice to me like fuck that bitch. I was a super bitch to her would of been a lot worse but my jobs more important. Anyways got that hoes number I've got plans. 😁.

    So no your not the only one some bitches are just crazy af because they can't get their own boyfriend so they try and steal someone else's. But if I were you guys I'd totally get a restraining orders she's psychotic.

    • Some women! Lmfao they give other women a bad name. That's for sure! But we did call the police which resulted in absolutely nothing. They told us they couldn't do anything without solid proof.

    • Yeah seriously I don't trust 90% of them and that's sad cause I'm one too obv hahaha wow seriously I love how they can't ever do anything 😑 isn't it harassment? Like I figure texting and stuff not to mention the stalkin shit. But you should install a video camera at your doors or what ever and record the crazy bitch. And if you have run ins with her record it. If she admits to anything that is proof enough.

    • Well we have now installed a home security system so I'm hoping that it'll all work out! But her grandfather is a retired police chief so this bitch get special treatment. :|

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  • Living together w/kids but no marriage DOES advertise to some either an open marriage or "this is not yet The One" = opening for them to either share or steal one of you! You are not aware of this?

    Ms. Psycho obviously has been successful in this SOP ploy but never had to talk with police... until you two introduce her to them. Caught her breaking any law that involves you, have a diary & evidence of her comms/actions at the ready.

    • We are engaged to be married. But we have also been to the police and they said there is nothing they can do. Without solid proof or footage that she has been in or around our home. All the police did was tell us to call if we heard or saw anything suspicious and advised us to get a home security system (which we have now installed).

    • Catch her breaking any law that involves you, have a diary & evidence of her comms/actions at the ready.

  • Why on earth have you not been to the police yet?

    • We have. They said without solid proof of a break in or footage of her presence within or around our home, they can not do anything.

    • Oh wow, that sucks. You'd think that harassing people and setting up a camera on their property is enough for police action!

    • I'm pretty sure they thought we were trying to frame her. Her grandfather is a retired police chief so she clearly gets top of the line treatment.

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