Do girls like guys with a 'nerdy' skill or occupation?

I'm 22 and I do free lance programming.. I started undergrad engineering last year. When I tell girls this they seem to be turned off like they are only interested in big business guys cops or firefighters.


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  • engineers can always see eye to eye with other engineers. Maybe its not how the girls see you but the type of girls you are pursuing... have you tried talking to girl in your own field

    • There are not that many female engineers out there lol. For every lecture class of 70 students maybe 5 of them are girls

    • depends on what school you go to, id have to disagree with you as an aspiring engineer. But i think in general you should change your type.

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  • Sure cause they associate that with a guy who will get a good job that pays a lot of money and there are plenty of gold diggers out there.


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  • I mean it depends on the girl, honestly, those type of careers aren't that interesting when you compare it to others, I mean there's a lot of number input and bah.. just boring in my opinion.
    But I mean I think it's boring to guys just as much as it is to girls...
    That being said I'm sure there's some girls who find it interesting.
    That being said I don't know of any girls who will write someone off entirely because of their job.

  • its not really about their occupation, its more about the guy and knowing he makes enough to support himself and a family if it gets to that point.


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