We've had 2 great dates, he says he wants to see me again, but he hasn't asked me out on a 3rd?

I met a nice fella that I REALLY like through an online dating site - I messaged him first and after a few exchanges I asked him out. We had a good time, then I asked him out again on a second date and that was great too! We have exchanged some texts (not too much! mild flirting but def no sexting haha), and have each said that we want to see each other again. I think I've made it clear I'm interested. However, he hasn't asked me out or to hang or anything. Obviously I like to pursue and take initiative, but I don't want to take ALL the initiative... that would get boring and one sided too fast. While I can certainly wait it out longer, I guess I'm just wondering if he's actually interested? I don't really know why someone would say more than once "we should do this again sometime" and "I'd like to see you again" etc, if they're not gonna take that next step? My only thought is maybe he's a little shy or unsure of dates to suggest since he just moved to this city only a couple weeks ago...


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  • I was in the same boat after 2 dates with someone I met online. Initiated them both. I'd wait for her to initiate a 3rd, but broke down and asked her. This went on for a while. Now on 6 dates. I initiated them all. Again, set on her asking for the 7th and outright asked her to plan something and contact me. Still waiting after a week.

    I'd say he might not be ready for a relationship. Or maybe since he just moved there, he's quite busy. If you don't mind, why not continue to initiate a few more dates and play it by ear, see if the trend continues. You'll know in a short time if this is going to be a habit you don't want.

    Have a chat with him about it after a few more, and move on if he continues to not reciprocate.


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  • You have to be direct. Say, "Hey, I had a wonderful time with you our past two dates. I'm really interested in seeing you again to see if this could lead to something more. If you are on the same page, how does this Friday work for you?"

    There is no reason for him to be shy at this point after already meeting you for 2 dates, and if he was shy, you'd know.

    Guys who are really interested, would be just as eager as you to finalize plans for another date. If he's not jumping on that, he's not interested.


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  • He's just shy just give him time.


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