Did I scare him off by asking him to come to this event?

I've been on 4 dates over the span of one month. He met my sister one night when we were out as she was out too and met up with her for a drink. Another night I invited him out to a comedy show with two of my friends. He did not hesitate to come. Then this weekend he was texting me what I was up to. I had plans to go see a band with some friends and then maybe meet up with some other people for a friends bday. My friend tolde I should just invite him it was all casual stuff. I followed her advice and said let me know if you wanna come. He didint answer for two hours so I texted back saying it's ok if you don't feel up to it not a big deal. Realizing maybe I was putting too much pressure on him. I feel like I shouldn't have followed my friends advice maybe he thinks im crazy now for having invited him so early. I did not mean much for me as it would just be a chill night drinking. Did I scratch ehim off too soon? If so what can I do, I really like him and feel stupid now.


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What Guys Said 1

  • From what I read here, sounds like everything is fine. Inviting him out was fine. Something probably came up with him. I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe send him a hello text and sit on it for a bit, see what happens.

    • No he just said he was tired and wanted to take it easy he was working outside all day then working out.

What Girls Said 1

  • You didn't do anything wrong. Heck, you didn't even act desperate. You're putting too much thought into it.

    • Ok so is it weird that we haven't made plans to hangout when he said no? it's been two days. I'm worried he lost interest. Am I freaking out for nothing? He's never said no to come to anything before so I'm worried it's because he's not into me anymore.

    • You are really freaking out for nothing. Even if he stops being interested, so what?

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