Is it weird I would rather rush into protected sex than do oral with each other? Because well at least sex can b protected from STD's the other isn't?

I find myself more ok with sex that is safe early on and wanting a real legit relationship built on trust before I do anything more. Like when I meet a guy and there is good chemistry I can feel safe with protected sex but I draw a line. I love the freedom in a relationship to get crazy but I can't get myself to do the other stuff though I have one guy I hook up with and he is my heroine I don't know why he is the only one I have no limits with. Well I know it is because I feel safe with him. He protected me once.


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  • Not weird at all. Do what you feel comfortable with. Some women seem to find oral more intimate than intercourse. Sounds normal enough to me.


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  • Well, I always use a condom when giving oral.

    On the receiving end as a woman, I can't protect myself against stds if a hook up were to go down on me.

    So, I kind of get you with this!

    At least intercourse is protected and there are limited worries.


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  • its not weird.

    if that's yo thang gurl its all good.


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  • I find it slightly weird. Mostly because it's possible to use protection when doing oral sex. Though, I kind of understand because oral sex feels as intimate as actual sex.


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