When a guy has feelings?

If a guy (23 years old) has liked a girl for 4 years and has feelings for her and knows her pretty well, these would be deep feelings right? What do guys think about when they have feelings?


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  • Guys think about the same things you girls do. There's been no difference in intensity between the genders in my experience.


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  • I've had a crush on my fiance for over 10 years, we used to childhood friends so for what i can say is that if this guy has liked you for 4 years and has made little moves to show it, it means that he has deep feelings for you but is shy maybe you need to flirt with him a little, it also shows that he doesn't see you as a girl just to be used and tossed aside.
    but if he did make obvious moves then that says the opposite of it.

    i hope i answered your Question :)


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  • You asked this again... and again... >.>
    They think that she's one wonderful person, and they might want to be with her 24/7

    Accept the answers given already


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