Is he anticipating?

I've been talking to this guy for a while, but in the last few months, somethings happened, so I cut back on contacting him. Before the things happened, he was texting him often, at least 2-4 times a week. After he and I got into an argument, I decided to stop talking to him all together. Two weeks went by and he reached out to me. Now I only text him when he reaches out to me or once every week or two. Everytime I text him, he responds immediately. Is he waiting for me to reach out to him?


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  • He could be unsure that the relationship is going anywhere. Perhaps he is hesitant on initiating anything serious. By talking to him do you mean just normal conversations, or are you flirting with him.

    • We've known each other for quite a while. The first two months we talked everyday and everything was going good. The only problem is that we have a bit of distance between us. We don't live near one another. We would only see each other like once a month. However, after the first two months, we had a fall out. We didn't talk for about two months. Previous to that, the last time we had hung out, he dropped hints towards a relationship but he was saying mixed things that confused me so my response wasn't exactly positive. We ended up getting back in contact and we started hanging out and talking again. A few months ago, I found out that during that break, he had started dating someone from his area. I confronted him about it, and we went back and forth about it for a week. He never admitted to it, and tried to go around it. That's where my previous post comes in to place. I know he's not serious about his relationship, but all I can and will be to him is a friend.

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    • Well it seems you really like this boy. And he is obviously interested in you. Perhaps give him more cues that you'd like to be with him. I'm sure you'll make a fine couple. I cannot offer any more advice other than you should keep at it and not rush anything. Best of luck to you two. :)

    • You're absolutely right. Thank you so much!

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  • I believe he is waiting for you to reach him.


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  • He likes you


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